Our Mission Solid Earth Communities strives to be a part of the solution to end homelessness and promote housing stability by building sustainable, healing low cost housing made from compressed earth blocks.

Innovation is the key that builds homes at affordable costs.

• Innovation that causes nearly zero carbon emissions in the construction process, and, if fitted with solar or wind energy, extremely low-cost and environmentally friendly upkeep will lower utility costs.

• Innovation that also provides job training and employment for the communities that need the housing they are building.

• Innovation that recognizes the trauma that homelessness causes and uses trauma-informed design concepts that are affordable and sustainable for the communities in which we work.

When creating living spaces and communities for people experiencing homelessness, the impact of trauma on families and individuals who will reside there must be central to the design.


A basic solution to homelessness is housing. Currently, housing needs far exceeds homes available. Nationally, it is estimated that we are 4.1 million units short of needed affordable and very low-income housing units, to include the number of units needed to end homelessness. If we are to build and repurpose our way out of America's housing crisis, we need innovation. That’s what we provide through Solid Earth Communities. We are a nonprofit organization developed to achieve affordable  and “Environmentally Green” homes for the nation.

SEC provides innovative construction practices and designs that focus on a solution to the housing shortage, building with compressed earth materials. Our professional “Earth Home Specialist” architects, create an environmentally sustainable home design and then SEC will proudly build an affordable home that is not only energy efficient but also water-proof, fire-proof, earthquake resistant and mold-proof! With state-of-the-art products to include solar heating and hemp, SEC creates a safe and environmentally friendly home for you and your family!